Return of the Jedi (Temple)

I decided to (re)publish what I have of some of the earlier writings and plans of the Jedi Temple and related community. It’s a project that is going to take some time and effort because quite a lot of material is buried in discussion forums as well as located on computers and online storage sites …. all in a jumble.

When you’re in the middle of starting what you hope will be a new movement, you don’t always lay a solid foundation of extensible organization. I know that when I took over teaching the Blue Group and serving as the admin for Olorin, I assumed that he would be back in a few weeks to take over the responsibilities. When that didn’t happen, well, I was basically running hard for a few years as the Jedi Temple and the community at large went through some serious growing pains.

In short, I have a lot of disorganized material. “A poorly organized museum amongst the ruins”, as I put it on the discussion forum. Not all of it has stood the test of time well, but I think that our community should be able to look back on some of the foundational works and pick out whatever is useful for the next generations.

So, I am working on finding and cleaning up what I can and will keep publishing. My aim is to post something new daily … or share some resource that I have found.

Use the navigation menus (to the left or under the “hamburger” icon above) to find articles and training materials. There’s even a search feature to help you locate writings on specific topics …. or by author!

Published by

Barbara Z. Johnson

Barbara Z. Johnson is a professor of computer science at an undisclosed small, liberal arts college and also has taught in education and media arts/game development departments at several universities. She is also a sci-fi/fantasy geek who researches the educational uses of video-games, fan-fiction, and online simulations. Currently, she is researching science education in Minecraft.

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