More Lectures from the Past

I am working on filtering through the guest lectures from the Jedi Temple and publishing items that – to the best of my knowledge – were not picked up in any collections or books.

The first lecture today is a serious question from Naya: “So you wanna be a Jedi?” that takes a less-romantic look at the downsides of being a Jedi in the modern world by comparing living as a Jedi to being a shaman. While I don’t suggest that you should live like Kevin Cottam, you should consider what living as a Jedi will really entail.

Continuing in the theme is a lecture from one of our founders on The Jedi Way.

Published by

Barbara Z. Johnson

Barbara Z. Johnson is a professor of computer science at an undisclosed small, liberal arts college and also has taught in education and media arts/game development departments at several universities. She is also a sci-fi/fantasy geek who researches the educational uses of video-games, fan-fiction, and online simulations. Currently, she is researching science education in Minecraft.

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