Personal Mantra Chanting: Day 4

Today, I decided to try a different approach to being comfortable with chanting aloud: chanting to the frequencies of recorded Tibetan singing bowls.

I first tried finding a Tibetan Bowls channel on Spotify, which worked well until the ads interrupted the music. For about a minute each, at different pitches, I was able to harmonize and chant along with the bowl, forgetting to be embarrassed by the sound of my own voice. Of course, once the ads started, it was game over.

So, I started looking at YouTube, although many of the top tracks included other music or guided meditations as well. So, a more general search landed me at Shanti Bowl and their list of 11 best recordings, along with the reminder that the best way to really hear the bowls is in person.

However, with a good headset — and the house to myself for a while — I enjoyed chanting along with the pitch of various bowls quite a lot more than just chanting (whispering, really) to myself in a quiet room.

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Barbara Z. Johnson

Barbara Z. Johnson is a professor of computer science at an undisclosed small, liberal arts college and also has taught in education and media arts/game development departments at several universities. She is also a sci-fi/fantasy geek who researches the educational uses of video-games, fan-fiction, and online simulations. Currently, she is researching science education in Minecraft.

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