Chris’ Corner


It has been a long time since I maintained a presence on the web, and much has changed since the early days of the Jedi community. If you are interested, I have a short history of how I came embrace chivalry, Jedi philosophy, and a principle-centered life … as well as some of the sites I had been involved with over the early days of the community.

I started this (modified) copy of the Jedi Temple as a way to re-publish works that had disappeared due to lack of server maintenance, had been kept in restricted sections of the discussion forums, or had never been quite finished.

Quite a lot was written in the early days of the Jedi community, when serious ideas were coated heavily with the Star Wars mythos; so treat those as wisdom literature from another culture. But the fiction had to give way to study programs that had only the lightest whiff of the original sci-fi characters and worlds, and I developed a couple of drafts for training programs:

Neither of these is finished/organized as of 2021, and I am working on filling in what lessons I can find from back ups of the old website and discussion forums.