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Welcome to the Jedi Temple’s Library!

The Jedi Temple (aka Temple of the Jedi) was a training site for Jedi from about 1998 through 2010, although there were episodes of lesser activity during that period.  You will be able to find a rough history of the organization as soon as I manage to reconstruct it.  I will also delve into the evolving mission of the group from a role-playing site with a purpose to an educational site inspired by the Star Wars franchise.  

This site is a collection of the writings and lessons that were developed here or used as part of the training program not only in the online forums but also (for a brief period) in Second Life.

Wherever possible, the author of a work is credited, however, some material was written by a collective or passed from one teacher to another, and the authorship is not known.  If you can, please let us know if we have incorrect information.