Inter-Library Loan

It’s astonishing to look back and realize that the Jedi community has been using online communication and publishing tools for more than 25 years. And before that, we met up at science-fiction conventions and distributed fan-created ‘zines and newsletters. Star Wars has inspired generations toward personal and community growth since the first movie hit the big screen …. and resulted in a variety of publications and archival sites.

In the hope of increasing their visibility, this page includes those documents and sites that are collections of articles or primarily archives. If you find one that I have not included, please forward the appropriate information.

The Great Jedi Holocron by Adam Yaw

Institute for Jedi Realist Studies – has an extensive collection of works

International Jedi Federation – has a collection of recorded video classes

Just Jedi – has an extensive section on the history of various Jedi communities, starting in 1995, along with a large selection of articles written over the decades

Temple of the Jedi Order – Currently a Jediism site with several repositories. Follow navigational links to find the pockets.