We have about 50 articles now in this collection. In the case of some writers who have published their works, I have not republished what they posted here. I am continuing to work through the discussion forum and unearth nuggets for future Jedi.

I will need to break down some sections such as “Philosophy”, but I think you can still find what you seek if you skim titles. Don’t forget, however, that you should be able to use the search feature to find specific reading!!

Keep in mind that this is an archive, and many articles are kept for historical purposes. As a community, we may have outgrown some of them. In the early days of the online Jedi community, traditional stories were modified slightly to fit into the Star Wars mythos. And, yes, we used stories as teaching tools, following a grand old tradition that stretches back for millennia.

I will also include the lessons that were used at the New Order of the Jedi from Second Life. While it was a game-like roleplaying site, it also used fiction as a teaching tool, with the hope that lessons would cross over boundaries and inspire real-life pro-social attitudes and actions.