The Force

The Force is an energy field generated by all living things. It surrounds and penetrates everything, binding the galaxy together. Like any energy field, the Force can be manipulated. Knowledge of these manipulation techniques gives the Jedi their powers. There are two sides to the Force: the peace, knowledge and serenity of the light side; and the anger, fear and aggression of the dark side. Both sides of the Force are part of the natural order, life-affirming and destructive.

There are three known Force skills: control, sense and alter. The control skill is the ability of a Jedi to control his or her own inner Force. With this skill the Jedi learns to master the functions of his or her own mind and body. The sense skill helps a Jedi sense the Force in things beyond and outside of themselves. A Jedi learns to feel the bonds that connect all things. The alter skill allows a Jedi to change the distribution and nature of the Force to create illusions, move objects and change the perceptions of others.