Ten Rules of Engagement

I am linking the article on these rules in both the martial arts and philosophy sections. While they probably were first intended for consideration in a conflict situation, that conflict is not necessarily martial or even physical in nature. Like the Art of War or the Book of 5 Rings, it can apply to any situation in which there is disagreement and a need to resolve the disagreement and act.

The rules themselves came from Brandel Valico and hence probably originated in Star Wars fiction somewhere. If you know the source, please do let me know.

Ten Rules of Engagement with commentary by Chris-Tien Jinn

Return of the Jedi (Temple)

I decided to (re)publish what I have of some of the earlier writings and plans of the Jedi Temple and related community. It’s a project that is going to take some time and effort because quite a lot of material is buried in discussion forums as well as located on computers and online storage sites …. all in a jumble.

When you’re in the middle of starting what you hope will be a new movement, you don’t always lay a solid foundation of extensible organization. I know that when I took over teaching the Blue Group and serving as the admin for Olorin, I assumed that he would be back in a few weeks to take over the responsibilities. When that didn’t happen, well, I was basically running hard for a few years as the Jedi Temple and the community at large went through some serious growing pains.

In short, I have a lot of disorganized material. “A poorly organized museum amongst the ruins”, as I put it on the discussion forum. Not all of it has stood the test of time well, but I think that our community should be able to look back on some of the foundational works and pick out whatever is useful for the next generations.

So, I am working on finding and cleaning up what I can and will keep publishing. My aim is to post something new daily … or share some resource that I have found.

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