The Jedi Way

All Sentients Have the Choice of Free Will

Free will is about the right to be able to make decisions without direct interference. Jedi believe that a sentient must willingly choose their path, and that they cannot force them into anything that they are not willing to undertake, never forcably take them somewhere they do not wish to go.

The Jedi Code is more than a list of principles to guide you, to help you on becoming one with the Force. Every one must find their own path. Jedi believe that each sentient chooses it’s own path freely, that no-one can force you to do anything against your will, that only your own fears stop you from doing what you feel to be right. A Jedi does not interfere with the decisions of others, their choice must be their own.

The Force is not the be all and end all, but rather it is a travelling companion, a light in our life that guides us to our final destination. Where that final destination is, will be by your own choice, you find what you seek, you find your own way in life.

Everyone travels towards their own destiny in this world, everyone chooses what they believe in. No one has the right to interfere. One cannot say that one belief is better than another, one cannot say that one belief is truer than another. It is only when you give everything, and expect nothing in return that you find the magic.

To that person who does not believe I would say nothing, the belief in the Force is not for everyone. If they are truly meant to be one with the Force they will find it, within themselves, in whatever form they call it. Everyone has a different view of what the Force represents. Remember that every one in life must find their own path. The Force teaches us that nothing is set, that there are no rules, no set limits or limitations. One must by guided by their own inner voice, let the Force takes us where it wills, to free us, to go beyond this world.

You Cannot Allow Evil to Occur by Inaction

A Jedi cannot allow evil to take place by inaction – a Jedi who stands by and allows evil to be committed is in essence courting the power of the Darkness. Jedi are also bound by the actions of those around them. It is not acceptable for a Jedi to associate with those who willfully choose to commit evil actions. When confronted by an evil action being committed, the Jedi must act to prevent the evil. This can be performed in a variety of ways at the Jedi’s disposal – persuasion, creating distractions, armed action or by simple mind tricks – but some form of action is necessary. To not act is to allow the Darkness a victory, however small.

The Act of Giving

Giving to others who’s needs is greater than your own. This is where the noble sacrifice or fighting for a lost cause comes from. Those who are willing to die for their beliefs, whose hearts encompasses everyone, to save the good and the bad alike.

– by John Olorin