Using Roleplay for Training Jedi

Long ago, in a different world, I experimented with using a virtual world as a location for experiential learning and practice. The place was Second Life, and the curriculum was intended to promote prosocial behaviors and personal growth through role-playing those same behaviors as the heroic Jedi Knights from the Star Wars mythos. While this idea may sound crazy, it has solid theoretical underpinnings* and has been shown to be effective in some situations. I did not base my doctoral work on this world, however, since this project became too personal to be a basis for an ethnography. (I did my research in Gaia Online …. but that’s another story ….)

I am presenting some of the curriculum and notes for learning and assessment here in case someone wants to take up the mantle and try again … whether in Second Life or some other virtual world.

Keep in mind that the lessons were often intended to be presented from teacher to student in a roleplaying context. At the end of each lesson, you may find notes about how to roleplay the lesson or what roleplay scenarios we tried to organize for learning and assessment on the lesson.

Sometimes, as teachers, we deliberately broke character to talk about the fact that we were roleplaying with a purpose, but many times, we tried to stay in character throughout.


*I have a rather long bibliography in my dissertation, and I keep my hand in with this research …. if you are ever interested in the topic.

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